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An Affiliate of OAUG  

Board of Directors

The Alberta OAUG board members are a group of fellow colleagues and contemporaries that represent a collective membership of companied dedicated to promoting, shaping and leading the future of the Oracle family of applications in the region. 

Our board is comprised of four (4) volunteer members that will serve the Alberta OAUG user community in one of the listed roles: 

  • Coordinator (Chair) 
  • Co-Coordinator (Chair) 
  • Program Director 
  • Membership Director 

The Alberta OAUG does not plan to collect money and will execute its functions with the aim of corporate sponsorship. 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jacques Blignaut - Excel4apps


  • Lead Direction of Alberta OAUG
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Schedule Leader Meetings / Publish Meeting Minutes
  • Coordinate and Assist Volunteers

Position Description

Alberta OAUG Coordinator
The Coordinator will function as the Chairperson for this group and as such is an important representative of the group as well as the OAUG. This role will lead the direction of the Alberta OAUG, recruit the leadership team, schedule the Board conference calls, produce an agenda for all the Board conference calls, publish meeting minutes, coordinate and assist all the volunteers. The Coordinator will also serve as the facilitator of the GEO meetings at Conferences or delegate this role to another member if the Coordinator cannot attend.

Brian Grossweiler - Excel4apps


  • Coordinate GEO meetings at COLLABORATE and OpenWorld Conferences
  • E-Learning Coordinator
  • Paper Selection for COLLABORATE Conference

Position Description

Co-Coordinator Description
This role will be responsible for coordinating the eLearning program and as such will lead all programs related such as web casts, speakers for web casts, and communicate the eLearning programs to the Alberta OAUG members. This role will also coordinate the Key note and guest speakers for meetings at Conferences, communicate presentation opportunities to members, and assist with paper selections for the Conferences.

Vacant Position

Program Director

  • Establish contact with community partners
  • Participate in and help coordinate sponsored events
  • Field community partner requests

Position Description

Program Director Description
This role will be responsible for 

Vacant Position

Membership Director

  • Coordinate Alberta OAUG Marketing Activities
  • Outreach to increase Membership
  • Maintaining Membership Lists

Position Description

Membership Director
This role will be responsible for all marketing activities for the Alberta OAUG meetings at Conferences including coordination with vendors and all arrangements for any meeting receptions. The role will be responsible for increasing and maintaining the Alberta OAUG membership, provide membership e-mails as required for other Board members, and coordinating announcements to members.

Board Members-At-Large

Jacques Blignaut, Excel4apps
Brian Grossweiler, Excel4apps

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